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Rick Adams
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Nashville, TN 37222

While taking a few photos of a friend's western memorabilia, I noticed this neat mirror.


    My friends have commented that I seem to have somewhat of a different perspective on many of the things we see every day. As a movie character once said, "Well, I don't know about that." But, I do look forward to exploring the world through the lens of my camera to bring smiles to the faces of my visitors.

    I tend to be drawn to many subjects because of the way they are lit. That is why I enjoy going out to make photos around sunrise so much. Cloudy, foggy, rainy or clear weather - all of these offer different lighting to give buildings, statues and general landscapes a wonderfully appealing look. I never know when I'll be walking around with my DSLR mounted on my simple tripod with my remote release in hand and happen upon a once-in-a-lifetime scene. At least, one can hope for that.

    I try to keep my eye sharp by carrying a pocket camera with me almost every day. The light just might be begging for someone to capture the scene, even without a super-nice camera. Thus, the content of this site will continue to be updated over time.

    At some point I plan to enable viewers to purchase prints directly from this site. Until then, if you find any photo(s) that you might like to have as a print, please contact me via email at

    Your friendly photographer,